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ARIIX team leader Omar Moreno takes first in NGA Natural Bodybuilding competition

BOUNTIFUL, Utah – ARIIX, an international opportunity company that promotes healthy, toxin-free living, is pleased to announce ARIIX Team Leader Omar Moreno’s recent first-place finish in his division in the National Gym Association (NGA) Northern States Natural Body Building competition. Moreno’s victory, his third first-place win during the past year,... Read More

Put the Lime in the Coconut PureNourish Smoothie—Chef Nelda

Put the Lime in the Coconut PureNourish Smoothie—Chef Nelda Chef Nelda of the ARIIX Kitchen teaches Deanna how to make a delicious morning smoothie full of vitamins, fiber, protein and healthy fats that is sure to get your day off to a cool and satisfying start. The Lime in the... Read More

Peach Hemp Turmeric Shake

Hemp Shake with Peach and other delicious ingredients to make the most delicious, nutritious, and healthy shake
Peach Hemp Turmeric Shake Serving: 1 2 scoops PureNourish ½ cup water ½ cup peaches, chopped 1 heaping tablespoon hemp hearts 1 heaping teaspoon turmeric Smidge almond extract 5–6 ice cubes 1 teaspoon flax seeds, crushed 1 peach slice In a blender on low, add the water and PureNourish; blend... Read More

Chocolate Coffee Almond Shake

CHOCOLATE COFFEE ALMOND SHAKE Servings: 1 2 scoops PureNourish 1 scoop Power Boost ½ cup water 1 teaspoon decaffeinated coffee crystals* 1-teaspoon cinnamon ¼ teaspoon cloves 6–7 ice cubes 2 teaspoons raw almonds, crushed In a blender, add the water, PureNourish and Power Boost; blend 3–4 seconds. Increase speed to... Read More

PureNourish Holy Mole Shake

PureNourish Holy Mole Shake Chef Nelda brings an exotic touch of Mexico to the Slenderiiz kitchen with this aromatic shake. The Holy Mole Shake is rich with spices in a chocolately carob base, with two types of pure chili powder for a little warmth. It adds satisfying variety to your... Read More

PureNourish™ dipped strawberries—a waistline-friendly treat

PureNourish Strawberries 1 heaping teaspoon PureNourish 1 Rejuveniix capsule, opened 1 tablespoon unsweetened coconut flakes 4–6 strawberries, cut in half ½ fresh lemon Mix the PureNourish, coconut flakes, and Rejuveniix powder in a small bowl until well blended. Rub the outside of the strawberry with the cut lemon, which will... Read More

Exercise At Home – Use Your Kids As A Fun Way To Work Out

easiest ways to workout at home - exercise with your kids
Exercise at home has to be one of the most convenient ways to getting in shape. Not many people can fit 30 minutes to and from the gym into their daily schedules, add a 30 minute workout plan to that and more times than not, this becomes a primary excuse;... Read More

Why Americans Are Losing The Battle Of Weight Loss

The war on weight loss - how to succeed with your weight loss goals. Learn the main reason why you think you are not losing weight!
The Battle with weight loss, Why we are losing? The battle with weight loss is one faced by over 45 million Americans with a price tag of over $33 Billion dollars a year according to Boston Medical Center. The amount of money spent on weight loss products with the goal... Read More

Change Your Wardrobe, Change Your Life

save wardrobe-change wardrobe
  Deciding on a major life change is the first part of the battle – but it’s only a small part. Many dieters don’t consider that they might need to change several other factors in their lives in addition to their eating habits. Downgrade Your Duds Take for instance your... Read More

Stressed Out ? Tips For Beating Stress & Keep The Weight Off

stressed out ? beat the stress and beat your cravings ... how to stop stress and control your eating habits important for proper diet
Beating Stress-Induced Eating Staying anxiety-free has so much to do with good health. The way we eat and care for ourselves can be influenced in every way by stress. If you feel constantly bogged down by work, family and life, it can be much more difficult to focus on your... Read More