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Amy Nie is an ARIIX leader at Chairperson Level 2 and a member of The ARIIX Founders Club in China. Amy was attracted to network marketing years ago, upon first meeting with several ARIIX Executives. Being introduced to ARIIX was one of the most life-changing events in Amy’s life, one... Read More

ARIIX Founder Mark Wilson named 2015 President of the Direct Selling Management Association

ARIIX, an international opportunity company that promotes healthy, toxic-free living, is excited to announce the appointment of their Founder and President Mark Wilson as the 2015 President of the Direct Selling Management Association (DSMA). DSMA Utah is a networking association that focuses on operational, financial, and technological issues facing direct-selling... Read More

Leader Spotlight: Hiroyuki Ochi, ARIIX Founders Club Member

Mr. Hiroyuki Ochi, an ARIIX leader at the Chairperson level and memeber of The ARIIX Founders Club in the fast-growing Japanese market, was drawn to network marketing over three decades ago, in what he calls a search for “the ultimate freedom.” At the time, “freedom” to Mr. Ochi simply meant... Read More

Human clinical trials confirm that MOA ingredient MaitakeGold 404® provides safe and effective immune support

February 3, 2015 BOUNTIFUL, Utah – ARIIX, an international opportunity company that promotes healthy, toxic-free living, is excited to announce that 3 years of clinical trials have confirmed MOA ingredient, MaitakeGold 404®, is indeed the gold standard for safe and effective immune support. MaitakeGold 404 is a proprietary extract of Maitake... Read More

Omaha physician Elvira Rios joins ARIIX Wellness Council

February 2, 2015 BOUNTIFUL, Utah – ARIIX, an international opportunity company that promotes healthy, toxic-free living, is excited to announce the appointment of Elvira Rios, M.D., F.A.A.F.P., to the ARIIX Wellness Council. The Wellness Council is made up of an exclusive group of extraordinary experts and professionals that help shape... Read More


BOUNTIFUL, Utah – ARIIX’s Compensation Plan was voted in as the number one best compensation plan in the direct selling industry according to a poll conducted by, a leading industry news source. With over 500 companies in the running, ARIIX as a newcomer, far outpaced and outranked industry icons,... Read More

Advantages of Working from Home Part Two: Diversifying Your Income Stream

Advantages of working from home - Online Business Opportunity With ARIIX is among the many choices people have when deciding to work from home!
Achieving financial independence can seem like an impossible dream for those struggling to just pay the bills. Not only are well-paying jobs becoming more scarce for those fresh out of college, those in established jobs may have more obligations than ever. In today’s economy households with reliable income streams are... Read More

The Surprising Benefits of Weight Loss

The benefits of weight loss
We all know that attaining a healthy weight boosts your health, energy and longevity, but you might be pleasantly surprised at the extra benefits that dropping even 10 or 20 pounds will produce. As if the known benefits weren’t inspiration enough, here are some surprising perks you might find when... Read More

ARIIX Brand, Nutrifii™ Sponsors Rotterdam’s Eredevisie League S.B.V. Excelsior Football Club

ARIIX Corporation announces its Nutrifii™ brand, a line of premier health supplements, as the official sponsor of the S.B.V. Excelsior Football Club in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The world-class club is a member of the Eredivisie league (“Honor League”), competing with the Netherland’s most prestigious football teams. Products in the Nutrifii line that... Read More

Leader Spotlight: Mr. Akira Kamino, CEO, Japan

Mr. Kamino’s first encounter with network marketing began over two decades ago, when a worried coworker asked for Mr. Kamino’s assistance in rescuing a younger brother who was “hooked up with some strange business.” Mr. Kamino dutifully agreed to accompany his friend to a seminar hosted by the network marketing... Read More