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PureNourish Peach Melba Shake

ARIIX Peach melba shake
PEACH MELBA SHAKE ½ cup almond milk 2 scoops PureNourish 1 cup fresh or frozen raspberries 5 cubes frozen almond milk ½ teaspoon vanilla (optional) Start your blender on low with ½ cup almond milk. With the blender in motion, add 2 scoops PureNourish and blend until dissolved (at least... Read More

ARIIX energy-boosting supplement Rejuveniix receives prestigious BSCG purity certification

ARIIX Pure_Energy _Pack
PRLog (Press Release) – Oct. 30, 2013 – BOUNTIFUL, Utah — BOUNTIFUL, Utah – Premier global opportunity company ARIIX announced today that the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) recently certified its proprietary health and energy-supportive supplement, Rejuveniix, as free of substances banned by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and... Read More

Delicious Hot Spiced Chai Made With PureNourish

The most delicious spiced chai you ever tasted made with Purenourish. Try this spicy chai recipe, you will love it
Have a caffeine-free morning. Hot drinks are always welcome in the morning. This delicious spicy chai recipe not only warms your insides, but nourishes and provides you with energy, proteins, fiber and smart carbohydrates. HOT SPICED CHAI 2 scoops PureNourish 4 bags herbal chai tea 2 cups hot water Dash... Read More

How B12 Boosts Your Body’s Health

Salmon is a great source of Vitamin B12 which is needed for a healthy body, include nails, hair, and skin
How B12 boosts your body’s health In today’s world of processed food and synthetic medicine, it can be difficult to get enough vitamin B12 from food alone. And that is a problem, whether we realize it or not. It’s a valuable little vitamin, good for converting carbs into glucose and... Read More

Delicious Pudding Shakes With PureNourish

ARIIX PureNourish Pudding
PURENOURISH PUDDING SHAKES – ON THE GO The convenience of having your shake as a pudding has many benefits … it’s easy to travel for children’s lunches … as well as when you are in a hurry because you can make these in advance. They make delicious, healthy desserts too!... Read More

How Stress Affects Your Weight

What affects does stress have on your weight, some say stress causes weight gain while others say that stress causes weight loss, we find out the affects of stress on your weight here
How stress affects your weight We’ve all heard phrases like: “I’m stressed out,” or “I couldn’t sleep because my mind was spinning.” Or how about the classic, “I was so stressed I ate that whole carton of Ben & Jerry’s.” What do these phrases actually mean when translated into health... Read More

Crossing a Floating Bridge in Russia

word's scarriest bridge
Do you really need a reason to join Ariix ? How about this video … quite possibly the scariest commute on Earth! Who care’s about gas prices when you have to worry about getting across a floating bridge daily. Check out the video Crossing A Floating Bridge in Russia, and... Read More

Gadget Overload – Recharge Your Battery By Unplugging

Ariix gadget overload
Got gadget overload? Three easy steps to “unplug” so you can recharge In today’s world, everyone is in search of the next best thing. We constantly see advertisements for the newest gadgets and gizmos on the market that have everyone lining up to be the first to own them. As... Read More

Steve Wolf – RevvNRG Co-founder Talks Ariix Merger

Ariix RevvNrg Merger
Steve Wolf Ariix, RevvNRG & The Merger I am a co-founder and top distributor for RevvNRG. In the summer of 2012 our company was faced with a hard decision as a result of negative actions and bad decision making from a couple of top people in our company. We had... Read More

Delicious Salad Shake with PureNourish

Salad plate shake
Need an idea for last night’s leftover salad? Team it up with PureNourish and nutrients will abound. This is an easy way to use a variety of vegetables with plenty of color insuring you against a depleted diet. Break away from old habits and start living in the Garden of... Read More