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Why just one vitamin a day won’t keep the doctor away

Best Weight Loss Products & Nutritional Supplements - Ariix Provides you the best in nutritional supplements, including weight loss system Slenderiiz
While it may be nice to dream of a magic pill that can boost our health, fitness and energy all in one, it’s a much better use of time to realize that one multivitamin, taken only once per day, simply cannot contain enough vitamins and minerals to make a real... Read More

Weight Loss Facts & Fat

The best weight loss products- it could actually be chicken
The body is an amazing piece of machinery, it’s complexity tends to leave us perplexed and curious. When it comes to dieting we become even more dumbfound as to where we begin. Education and understanding is usually a good first step.  When we use the word fat, it is usually... Read More

The 10 Best Fast Food Meals – Only If You Must

healthy fast food choices
En route to our physical transformations we learn a couple of things, Slenderiiz is without a doubt among the best weight loss products and systems on the planet. We also learn that when we choose to transform our bodies and unleash it’s human potential there exists a couple of personal... Read More

Facebook Brings Fight To Google With Graph Search

MarkZuckerberg_Facebook Social Graph
By now we know the power of Facebook – S0cial marketing is one of the predominant modes of marketing used by our Ariix distributors. Ariix as a company believes that social proof marketing is the way of the future, and with our ever growing fan base it becomes even more... Read More

Success and Weight Loss – “Dangerous Perception” A Candid Story

Successful weight loss starts with you
For as long as I could remember, weight loss products found their way into my household. My mother, an always fit, seemingly healthy woman would tune into to the early morning workouts found on TV,  with two 30 minute sessions over 2 different shows, by mid-afternoon and almost daily the... Read More

Making Healthy Resolutions for Real Results in 2013

When you decide to set healthy living goals for the New Year, it’s important that you set yourself up for success. Each January, roughly 1 in 3 Americans resolve to better themselves in some way, yet very few actually achieve these resolutions. The secret to real results? Don’t make vague hard-to-measure... Read More

ARIIX announces international business woman Queeney Tang, MD, PhD as a Wellness Council Advisor

Dr_Tang - Weight Loss - Best Weight Loss Products
BOUNTIFUL, Utah – ARIIX, a premier global health and wellness company, proudly welcomes international network marketing leader Dr. Qun Queeney Tang, MD, PhD to the ARIIX organization as a Wellness Council Advisor. A former cardiologist in China, Tang is now based in Pittsburgh where she continually inspires colleagues and team... Read More

Mind Controlled Bionic Leg Scales Willis Tower Skyscraper

The Bionic Leg - Zac Vawter climbs willis tower in Chicago Illinois with Bionic Leg
Zac Vawter the man who scaled the Willis Tower Chicago’s tallest skyscraper standing at 1,729 feet, the tallest in the United States until the completion of One World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan, NYC is the epitome example of one unleashing their human potential. The mission statement of Ariix, Zac... Read More

Halloween Candy Calories – Those Little Bites Pack A Treat

How many calories in our favorite halloween candy pieces
So here we are, the ghouls and goblins are out, but Halloween is more than just tricking and treating for the kids, Halloween marks the beginning of festive eating, with Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, November 22, 2012 we sit on a short 3 weeks before fighting the temptation of indulgence. From... Read More

Exercise At Home – Use Your Kids As A Fun Way To Work Out

easiest ways to workout at home - exercise with your kids
Exercise at home has to be one of the most convenient ways to getting in shape. Not many people can fit 30 minutes to and from the gym into their daily schedules, add a 30 minute workout plan to that and more times than not, this becomes a primary excuse;... Read More