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How to Ensure Your Calcium Supplements are Safe and Effective

Calcium is critical to the function of nerves bone density and other body functions: Most americans are calcium deficient. Here we talk about the importance of calcium and the safe ways to consume calcium
How to ensure your calcium supplements are safe and effective (expert opinion from Dr. Ray Strand). Some people have asked me about a major review study, released in the June 2012 issue of the Heart Journal, concluding that taking calcium supplements alone or improperly balanced could actually double your risk... Read More

Creamy Waldorf Salad

delicious Waldorf Salad, an amazing recipe sure to get your tastebuds flowing
Creamy Waldorf Salad ½ cup cottage cheese 1 cup apple, chopped ½ cup celery, chopped 2 teaspoons walnuts, ground 1 tablespoon hemp seeds Squeeze lemon juice Dash of allspice Toss the first 3 ingredients with lemon juice; sprinkle with allspice, hemp seeds, and nuts. Serve. This recipe used a full... Read More

The Best Foods for Long-Term Weight Loss

ARIIX weight loss
The best foods for long-term weight loss While watching calories and following the latest diet plans can result in weight loss, it also commonly brings with it the “yo-yo” effect of losing and gaining back the same 10 or 15 pounds over and over again, without any real, lasting strides... Read More

Fast Fat Burning? We Have the Perfect Plate for You!

Want to burn fat fast ? We have the perfect plate that will help you with your weight loss goals and fast fat burning
The perfect plate for fast fat burning A key ingredient for successful, long-term weight loss is proper planning for daily meals and snacks. The following guidelines will guide your choices and help ensure that your energy, health and weight loss goals are supported with the balanced nutrition that your body... Read More

Vegetable Tagliatelle with Creamy Tomato Sauce

Vegetable Tagliatelle with Creamy Tomato Sauce
Vegetable Tagliatelle with Creamy Tomato Sauce This quick and easy dish full of vegetable ribbons and protein-rich tomato sauce will make a perfect steamed dinner or can be eaten raw for a light main course salad. Vegetable Tagliatelle 1-½ cup zucchini ribbons ½ cup or 16 strips carrot ribbons 6-8... Read More

Nutrition and Beautiful Skin

how does nutrition affect skin ?
Nutrition and beautiful skin If you want to improve the health of your skin and reclaim your youthful glow, you may not need to look any further than your dinner plate. Instead of wasting money on temporary fixes such as expensive facials, moisturizers or serums that may actually be creating... Read More

ARIIX—Hot Peppermint Mocha Latte with PureNourish

Peppermint Mocha Latte
Hot Peppermint Mocha Latte with PureNourish 1 cup hot Teeccino, brewed 3-4 ounces almond milk, warmed 2 scoops PureNourish 2 tablespoons carob powder 1-2 teaspoons Pero, Cafix, or Teeccino granules ¼ teaspoon peppermint extract or fresh leaves Stevia to taste With blender on low, blend the hot Teeccino with heated... Read More

How Nutrition Affects Our Energy

energy provided by nutrition, how nutrition effects your energy to help you make it through your day ? If you feel the lack of energy ask yourself about nutrition ... Are you eating well with nutrien rich foods ?
You may not realize it, but the energy we need for our bodies to properly function and thrive throughout our daily lives starts at the cellular level. Within our cells live energy-producing powerhouses called mitochondria. Each of our cells has hundreds to thousands of mitochondria inside of them, depending on... Read More

How Nutrition Affects our Cells

How Nutrition Can Affect Your Cells: Cells are a vital part if the most important part of your oranic being, you need proper nutrition to upkeep cell health
Proper nutrition affects our cells in many ways… Today’s health revolution has placed us squarely in the midst of a dramatic new understanding of nutrition and how it affects our bodies in ways that our ancestors could never have imagined. In the old days, studies of nutrition began as a... Read More

Dr. Ginger joins the ARIIX Wellness Council

Dr. Ginger
Consumer health advocate and author, Dr. Ginger, joins ARIIX Wellness Council As the founder and CEO of Dr. Ginger, LLC, a wellness consulting company, Dr. Ginger is known for her “disease reversal” approach to corporate wellness. She is also recognized for working with Fortune 300 and 500 companies, businesses and... Read More