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Empower Others for the Better

Posted on May 13, 2013 In ARIIX ARIIX News

As part of an ongoing series, we would like to introduce you to exceptional ARIIX representatives who have recently joined us and are already making great achievements. 

Woodson Gardner (Charlotte, North Carolina)

A Door Opens:  In a wonderful twist, ARIIX found me. The company I was with was no longer in business and I was looking to reinvent myself – and not necessarily stay in network marketing. However, after talking with Tim Sales and Steve Swartz I knew a door had been opened. This company was unique, both because of the passion I heard from these guys and the philosophy behind the company. I knew without a doubt that this was going to be a movement and a reinvention of the industry.

First Impressions: I’ve been with ARIIX for a few months now, and those initial warm, fuzzy feelings I had have become very real passions. ARIIX products have changed my life, not only my fitness, weight and how I feel, but also my entire family. My mother, whose health has been challenging her for awhile, has lost weight and is a different person. We’re all so happy seeing the spark that has been reignited in her. As for me, since the birth of my two children I developed weight problems for the first time in my life. It was hard for me psychologically, I felt tired, schlubby and gross. Slenderiiz and Xceler8 (which I call my “skinny drops”) have really changed my life, it’s amazing!

ARIIX Leadership: Fred Cooper – it is so unfair for someone to be that smart and that funny! Mark Wilson is the big brother I always wanted – when I’m around him I feel safe and I know he’ll talk to me whenever I need. And he’s the president of the company! And don’t forget about Deanna Latson. It is very unusual to find a strong woman who is also a lady and a trusted friend. She has a complete and total kindness and warmth about her and is the most-well rounded representation of a mom, a lady, a hard-core businesswomen, scientist and more. She is the total package. I have total faith in ARIIX’s products because of her and the rest of the team – I have never had such confidence and trust in something like this before.

My Life: My husband, Clay and I have two young children, Stone and Carter, and we love to race cars, ride horses, play tennis and help with my daughter’s dance studio. I am also an advocate for bullying and domestic violence and do everything that I can to educate and support those in need around me. My goal is to empower everyone around me for the better – whether through products or opportunity. I want people to use this as a vehicle to get where they want to go. I don’t want to be famous, I just want to help people feel good, create financial freedom and enjoy the gift of wellness in their lives. I have never been so passionate about anything.

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