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The Ambassador award is given to the Representatives who produce the most points from personally sponsored
new Members USA, Canada, Mexico, and Netherlands.



Premier: Lynn Allen-Johnson – UNITED STATES






Runner-up: Heshie Segal & Werner Berger- UNITED STATES






3rd Dr. Queeney Tang- UNITED STATES






4th Steve Swartz – UNITED STATES






5th Barbara Fonger – UNITED STATES






6th Kathryn & Paul Palmer – UNITED STATES





7th Shannon Lavenia – UNITED STATES





8th Cris Silkman – UNITED STATES





9th Melinda Conklin – UNITED STATES






10th Eddy Delmoitie – NETHERLANDS




Top 5 ARIIX Ambassador Award Winners for USA

1st place winner
Lynn Allen-Johnson

2nd place winner
Heshie Segal & Werner Berger

3rd place winner
Dr. Queeney Tang

4th place winner
Steve Swartz

5th place winner
Barbara Fonger

Top 5 ARIIX Enterprise Award Winners for Canada 

1st place winner
Hui Li Yang

2nd place winner
Lucie Thivierge

3rd place winner
Nettle Cheung

4th place winner
John & Carol Ann Cliffe

5th place winner
Wendy Xu