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Slenderiiz Challenge Winner Highlights

Connie Heinz-Magnani 2nd Place Weight Loss Winner Lost 20 lbs. I struggled with an extra 35-40 lbs. for several years, trying different programs with no sustained success. It caused low energy, sleep problems, and aches and pains in my joints, especially my knees. I finally found success after trying the ARIIX Slenderiiz™ program (Body Freedom... Read More

Slenderiiz Challenge Winner Highlights

Robbin Strong Lifestyle Change Winner Lost 24 lbs. I’m a 47-year-old single working mother of three athletic teenagers. Between school and church activities we are busy every single day of the week. My kids have always come first, and somewhere along the way, I forgot to take care of me.... Read More

Deanna Latson Named Finalist in 11th Annual Stevie® Awards for Women in Business

Deanna Latson Iconic Woman In Business
Stevie Award Winners to Be Announced in New York on November 14 BOUNTIFUL, Utah – October 10, 2014 – Premier global health and wellness company ARIIX is proud to announce Chief Product Officer Deanna Latson as a Finalist in two categories in the 11th annual Stevie® Awards for Women in... Read More

Modern Nutrition Expert and China Wellness Authority Charlie Zhao Joins ARIIX Wellness Council

Nutrition expert and China wellness authority Charlie Zhao
BOUNTIFUL, Utah – ARIIX, an international opportunity company that promotes healthy, toxic-free living, is excited to announce the appointment of Charlie Zhao, respected author, modern nutritional expert, and chief scientist of China’s Industry Alliance of Health, to the ARIIX Wellness Council. The Wellness Council is made up of an exclusive... Read More

ARIIX announces Optimals supplements to be included in the Physicians’ Desk Reference

Physicians' Desk Reference now includes ARIIX Optimals
ARIIX announces Optimals supplements to be included in the Physicians’ Desk Reference Most health professionals in the United States consider the Physicians’ Desk Reference one of the most important and frequently consulted reference books in the industry BOUNTIFUL, Utah – Premier global health and wellness company ARIIX announced today that... Read More

Puritii Effectively Removes Microcystin

Recent testing at a water treatment facility in Toledo revealed unsafe levels of microcystin, a by-product of blue-green algae blooms in Lake Erie. This affected the drinking water of several hundred thousand residents, who were instructed by health authorities to avoid drinking even boiled tap water. Microcystin poisoning causes headache,... Read More

PureNourish lemon wafers — a Slenderiiz-approved treat

PureNourish Lemon Wafers Chef Nelda creates a Slenderiiz™-approved cookie from five simple ingredients. Each crisp, lemony wafer is nutrient dense, high in protein, and adds only four fat calories and 12-14 total calories to your daily total. Enjoy them with fruit, dip in herbal tea, or snack on them with... Read More

PureNourish™ dipped strawberries—a waistline-friendly treat

PureNourish Strawberries 1 heaping teaspoon PureNourish 1 Rejuveniix capsule, opened 1 tablespoon unsweetened coconut flakes 4–6 strawberries, cut in half ½ fresh lemon Mix the PureNourish, coconut flakes, and Rejuveniix powder in a small bowl until well blended. Rub the outside of the strawberry with the cut lemon, which will... Read More

Blueberry with Lemon Granita

Ariix Blueberries with Lemon Granita
Blueberry with Lemon Granita 6 lemons, juiced (approximately ¼ cup) Lemon zest from two lemons 2 cups water ½ blueberries Stevia to taste Stir water with lemon juice, zest, and stevia. Freeze mixture in ice cube trays and store cubes in Ziploc bags in your freezer for future use.* Crush... Read More


CRUNCHY FLAX CRACKERS & CREAMY HOT MUSTARD SPREAD FLAX CRACKERS 1 cup flax meal ½ cup bell pepper, chopped ½ cup green onion, chopped ¼ cup tomato, chopped 2 cloves garlic 1-2 teaspoons dried Italian seasoning ½ teaspoon sea salt Splash of water Blend all of the vegetables until puréed.... Read More