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BOUNTIFUL, Utah – ARIIX’s Compensation Plan was voted in as the number one best compensation plan in the direct selling industry according to a poll conducted by, a leading industry news source. With over 500 companies in the running, ARIIX as a newcomer, far outpaced and outranked industry icons,... Read More

Advantages of Working from Home Part Two: Diversifying Your Income Stream

Advantages of working from home - Online Business Opportunity With ARIIX is among the many choices people have when deciding to work from home!
Achieving financial independence can seem like an impossible dream for those struggling to just pay the bills. Not only are well-paying jobs becoming more scarce for those fresh out of college, those in established jobs may have more obligations than ever. In today’s economy households with reliable income streams are... Read More

ARIIX Brand, Nutrifii™ Sponsors Rotterdam’s Eredevisie League S.B.V. Excelsior Football Club

ARIIX Corporation announces its Nutrifii™ brand, a line of premier health supplements, as the official sponsor of the S.B.V. Excelsior Football Club in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The world-class club is a member of the Eredivisie league (“Honor League”), competing with the Netherland’s most prestigious football teams. Products in the Nutrifii line that... Read More

Leader Spotlight: Mr. Akira Kamino, CEO, Japan

Mr. Kamino’s first encounter with network marketing began over two decades ago, when a worried coworker asked for Mr. Kamino’s assistance in rescuing a younger brother who was “hooked up with some strange business.” Mr. Kamino dutifully agreed to accompany his friend to a seminar hosted by the network marketing... Read More

Five Ways Cleaning Up Might Be Bringing You Down

The words “clean” and “healthy” are paired together so routinely that few question their close relationship. Bath products including soaps, body washes, shampoos, and toothpastes are a multi-billion dollar industry as a result. However, while there’s little debate that staying clean is crucial to your health, there should be more... Read More

Minimizing the Winter Blues, Naturally

Very few people don’t enjoy that first sight of perfect flakes of snow, slowly drifting down outside a dark window on a quiet winter night. But as it turns out, for many of us, the love doesn’t last. After the bustle and fun of the holidays, it isn’t uncommon at... Read More

Leader Spotlight: John Lucardie, Netherlands

John Lucardie is an ARIIX leader and member of the Founders Club from Schiedam, Netherlands, and is one of the most dynamic influences in spreading the ARIIX vision worldwide. A successful businessman prior to his introduction to network marketing, Mr. Lucardie took to the model readily, earning amazing success with... Read More

ARIIX Surpasses $3 Million Mark Per Week

ARIIX IS SETTING THE PACE! January 9, 2015 BOUNTIFUL, Utah – ARIIX is setting the pace. In only three years since its founding, ARIIX is making waves in the network marketing industry by establishing an explosive rate of growth, reaching $1 million per week in year one and $2 million... Read More

Five Surprising Resolutions for a Healthy Life

Healthy Life Solutions- The best solutions to a healthy life can be found using these 5 steps
The start of a new year is the perfect time to renew your commitment to living healthy. But remember that health means more than workouts and watching what you eat. Take these tips to heart to stay energized, fit and beautiful, inside and out. Take care of your teeth: You... Read More

Five Natural Detoxifiers

Foods that naturally detox the body - Check out these 5 natural detoxifiers, your body will thank you
Now that the New Year is upon us, what better way to begin your healthy resolutions than by cleansing away last year’s toxins! Here are five foods that support your body’s natural centers of detoxification, including the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system, helping them operate at peak efficiency. Water: Water... Read More