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Turbo-Charging Your Winter Vitamin Regimen

Supporting your body nutritionally is important year-round, but particularly during the winter, with its blustery weather, dry air, stressful holiday schedule and the cold and flu season all combined into a few dark months. Supplementing your diet with extra doses of the following nutrients can make a big difference in... Read More

Seven Tips for Beautiful Winter Skin and Hair

Winter can challenge a smooth complexion and glossy hair in several ways: dry air, an increase in smog, skin-chapping winds, and rich diets can take their toll on both. Here are a few simple tips to weather the storm with your luminous glow intact. Stay hydrated: Moisturized skin begins beneath... Read More

Chip Walters Drops 140 pounds on Slenderiiz™

Chip Walters, a 51-year-old director of broadcasting and play-by-play announcer at Middle Tennessee State University, is an amazing example of Slenderiiz success, having dropped 140 pounds in just over a year on the revolutionary weight loss program. Walters was overweight as a child and stayed hefty throughout his school years,... Read More

How Giving Back Can Benefit Your Heath

You may realize on an instinctive level that a charitable spirit is good for the heart, but you probably think of this in an abstract sense: as in, good for the soul. There is little doubt that generosity opens your eyes to the needs of others and can make your... Read More

4 Healthy Habit Tips for the Holidays

The skies are gray, the thermometer keeps dropping and you can’t find your jogging shoes. You slept through your morning workout, went to the office Christmas party instead of yoga class, and ate a pretzel and a sugar cookie for dinner. You can feel that January regret already settling in... Read More

Four Advantages of Owning Your Own Business

Advantages_working_Fro_Home_ARIIX copy
If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own business and building a nice retirement from the comfort of home, there has never been a better time to start, and there has never been a better opportunity than ARIIX. While building a business might seem intimidating, ARIIX will be there with... Read More

Slenderiiz Thanksgiving: 2014 Edition

Thanksgiving Recipes 2014 with Slenderiiz. How many pounds do people gain through the holidays ? Up to 5 lbs
SLENDERIIZ THANKSGIVING (2014 Edition) The holidays are upon us, bringing not just plenty of turkey, but mashed potatoes and gravy, Aunt Sylvia’s favorite stuffing, buttery rolls and three kinds of pie with whipped cream. While Americans gain on average only one pound over the holidays, for chronic dieters it tends... Read More

Study Reveals Most US Adults Use Supplements

  Last week the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) released results from its annual Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements, revealing that 68 percent of 2,000 US adults surveyed regularly take dietary supplements. Remarkably, these results are keeping in line with a 10-year consistency of the majority of adults using supplements.(I... Read More

Slenderiiz Challenge Winner Highlights

Woodson Gardner 1st Place Weight Loss Winner Lost 32.6 lbs. Slenderiiz is my HERO!! I cannot believe how much better I feel: my change in attitude, my appearance, and my new self esteem! But first, let me rewind and tell you why my results are much bigger than they appear. You... Read More

Slenderiiz Weight Loss Challenge Winners!

Announcing the incredible winners of our 2014 Slenderiiz™ Weight Loss Challenge! We would like to thank everyone who participated, and loved hearing your stories. It wasn’t easy selecting our finalists, but each story below illustrates the ways in which the Slenderiiz Program can be tailored to every lifestyle and fitness... Read More