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In the eyes of her friends and colleagues, Cao Jun Mei is a big sister who is friendly and eager to help others. In fact, many like to call her “Sister Cao.” Sister Cao worked in the China Party committee office for many years before doing traditional business. After a... Read More

Spring Clean Your Pantry—Healthy Ingredient Substitutions

There are two camps of people: those who look forward to spring cleaning their homes this time of year, and those who dread it. Whichever group you’re in, remember one final area that could use some attention: your pantry. Healthy eating shouldn’t be about hours spent in the kitchen with... Read More

How Successful People Start Their Days

While there may not be a specific formula for success (wouldn’t that be nice, though?), there are several things that the most successful people among us have in common. Research shows that one of these commonalities is a strong and consistent morning routine. No matter if you’re up with the... Read More

Eating Healthy When You Travel

Eating healthy on vacation is not an easy task. Every direction you turn there will be a new restaurant to try or a delicious smell in the air beckoning you to snack or eat. Even if you have mastered the skill of eating healthy at home it is easy to... Read More

The Many Benefits Of Meditation

If you are trying to find more balance in your life, seeking to improve your physical and mental health, or simply trying to manage stress that occurs in everyday living, meditation may be the tool you have been looking for. According to studies listed by the National Center for Complementary... Read More

Start Getting Your Money to Work For You

Saving money for the future is a no-brainer. Just how to do it is a bit more complicated. Many people choose to invest some of their income in order to accumulate extra money in the long run. Options vary from low to high-risk and everything in between. Here’s a simple... Read More

ARIIX Announces New General Manager, Mr. Shigeo Takasugi, Joins ARIIX Japan

ARIIX is proud to announce that on April 6, 2015, Mr. Shigeo Takasugi became the new general manager of the company’s Japanese market. With a history of explosive growth, ARIIX Japan offers numerous expansion opportunities. By establishing a strong leadership team in the market, beginning with an incredible general manager,... Read More

Simple Solutions for a Greener Home in Honor of Earth Day

“The earth is what we all have in common.” —Wendell Berry Today is the 45th anniversary of Earth Day! First celebrated in 1970, April 22 marks this annual celebration around the world that promotes environmental protection. Events and demonstrations are being held globally in celebration of the planet, and to... Read More

ARIIX Ranks #95 in Sixth Annual DSN Global 100

We are pleased to announce that Direct Selling News, the leading publication for the direct selling industry, has ranked ARIIX number 95 in its sixth annual DSN Global 100—an exclusive ranking of the top revenue-generating companies in direct selling. “Only one other organization in the DSN Global 100 is young... Read More

12 Las Vegas Attractions You Don’t Want to Miss

If you will be one of the 41 million annual visitors to Las Vegas in the near future, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed at the endless possibilities the Entertainment Capital of the World has to offer. Here are some ideas to help plan your Las Vegas vacation: For... Read More